This engaging 1-day introductory workshop is perfect for those for whom negotiation is becoming a larger part of their role, who support your more experienced negotiators, and those who negotiate with limited authority.

Fundamentally different from our skills courses, this workshop is about understanding the process and the language of negotiation, and mastering the essentials of preparation. This workshop will help your negotiators understand what makes negotiation so different from selling, learn to manage complaints successfully, create compelling proposals and deliver effective trading to smooth the pathway to better, quicker deals.

Delivered by our negotiation experts, we customize the content to your team’s unique challenges. For larger audiences (100 and more) we can even train your team to deliver this workshop directly.

“These are very valuable skills and much needed in today’s saving-centric business environment. Scotwork North America really taught me how to think progressively and out of the box regarding my negotiation skills. Without the numerous examples and specific workshop assignments, it is unlikely I would have been innovative enough to present my client with additional options for services and payments. Working with Scotwork one-on-one, helped me address difficult questions on an upcoming contract and prepare me for various options.”

Rose Ríos
MPH, President - Kolcomm

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Our One-company courses are built entirely around you and your business. You enjoy an exclusive teaching environment and pre-agreed course content shaped to match your needs exactly. Contact us to learn more about customization and pricing.

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It's All in the Timing

Tommy Cooper was one of the funniest comedians ever. How do I know? Well partly because he has 13 of the best jokes in the top 50 gags of all time. A personal favourite being, “heard the one about two aerials meeting on a roof, falling in love, and getting married? The ceremony was rubbish but the reception was brilliant”. Telling a good joke is not just about the content. It is also in the timing of the delivery. The same could also be said about negotiation. Picking your time to enter into a negotiation can have a significant impact on its progression and your outcome.

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