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Scotwork’s North American business is expanding, and is seeking two important new additions to its small team of professional consultants:


For both roles, we are seeking those who possess the confidence and credibility to provide expert advice to senior managers and executives, self-drive and passion, and the adaptability to work with a small, highly skilled team of consultants and support staff.


An up-to-date resume, plus a concise cover letter explicitly addressing the selection criteria, for the relevant role below, should be emailed in confidence to Cathy Rafferty at

Details below.


  • Are you an experienced B2B salesperson, passionate about both your own sales and managing and coaching others to succeed?
  • Do you like the idea of selling high-end professional services that pay for themselves?
  • Want to work with the world’s leading negotiation consultancy, managing US revenue from our highly effective range of professional negotiation training and consulting services?


Reporting to the North American Managing Director, your role will combine active prospecting and B2B sales to Fortune 500 clients across the US and Canada, and sales management of the US sales team to meet revenue goals of the North American business.

Our US sales team is comprised of highly experienced consultants (who both sell and deliver our services), and a small inside sales function.

Leveraging our highly regarded and proven professional services, our alumni database of over 200,000 people around the world, and a strong marketing program to drive leads, you will generate new prospects, allocate marketing and inbound leads to the sales team, actively sell yourself, and manage the sales and account management efforts of our highly experienced consulting team and inside sales function.

We expect initially that the majority of your time will be prospecting and selling yourself, but (working with the Managing Director and heads of Operations and Marketing), over time you will take responsibility for our team’s overall revenue, manage future sales hires, and drive continuous improvement of our well-developed sales processes, Salesforce CRM and other systems. 


  • Proven high performance track record in B2B sales (preferably including professional services);
  • Experience managing sales and account management teams, negotiating contracts and driving sales team performance;
  • The self-drive, energy, passion and experience to meet and beat sales targets while managing and coaching the team;
  • Credible negotiation experience and the ability to diagnose client’s problems and propose innovative solutions;
  • Ability to adapt your time between prospecting, active sales, and management of the team (including field sales) in order to meet overall business revenue goals.


  • A relevant established network of senior commercial leaders in sales or procurement areas whose teams would benefit from Scotwork’s services
  • Experience managing inside sales;
  • Based in or around our US Headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey


  • Subject to experience and capabilities, on target earnings in Year 1 of mid-$100’s is available, plus medical benefits, life insurance and disability, 401k with match, and other benefits including reasonable provision for a home office.
  • Significant untapped growth potential is available for those who can beat sales goals.
  • This is a new role for the US business and there is significant potential for a motivated high performance individual to significantly influence the direction of this role over time.



  • Do you have a passion for coaching experienced professionals to improve and succeed?
  • Do you have the negotiation experience, charisma and credibility to command a room, advise senior managers and executives on this topic, and manage and navigate Fortune 500 accounts to sell and deliver high value consulting services?
  • Do you like the idea of a truly different role combining sales, account management, consulting and high-end training delivery, providing services that pay for themselves?


This “sell and deliver” role combines a mix of active selling, professional account management, and delivery of advanced negotiation training and advisory services to our Fortune 500 clients across the US and Canada.

Considerable travel is expected. You will spend around 90 nights per year on the road (typically Mondays through Thursdays), delivering 1- 2- and 3-day training and consulting services.

The balance of your time is spent on account management of current clients, and on active outbound prospecting and sales. When not working with clients, most of our consultants work from home, and subject to meeting revenue goals, your time when not on the road is largely your own to manage. Comfort with owning a revenue target, and the self-drive to meet goals without significant oversight, are important.

Training classes are highly engaging and great fun for both participants and those delivering them (typically teams of 2 or 3 Scotwork consultants over 2-4 days). Our participants range from young professionals right up to CEO level, we use extensive filming to diagnose behaviors and improve performance. Our expectations are very high - most participants rate the training as the best of any sort of training they have ever experienced, and over 98% of our alumni around the world would recommend this intensive training experience.

Extensive Train-the-trainer support is provided to ensure that smart, capable people will be highly successful. We do not need the world’s most experienced negotiators, but we do need people who bring credible negotiating experience (typically from procurement, sales or operational roles), and the intelligence and analytical skills to quickly learn and apply new models and concepts. Even the most experienced negotiators will learn an enormous amount from this role, and from your highly experienced peers.

Over time, your services will broaden into the full range of Scotwork services (including advising on large negotiations, deal processes, and even joining your clients at the table as part of their negotiation teams).


  • Credible commercial negotiating experience, coupled with the intelligence and analytical ability to quickly learn and apply new models and concepts;
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills, with an engaging, likeable personality, an ability to get along with anyone, and the confidence to “command a room”;
  • A willingness to travel up to 90 nights per year (proximity to a major US or Canadian airport is important);
  • A solid understanding, based on your previous experience, of one or two industry sectors, including their commercial pressures, typical negotiations and market dynamics;
  • The self-drive, flexibility and commitment to manage your own time with limited supervision, while striving to meet and beat revenue targets.


  • Proven performance and comfort in B2B sales and meeting revenue goals;
  • A relevant established personal network of senior commercial leaders in sales or procurement areas whose teams would benefit from Scotwork’s services;
  • Experience and comfort with salesforce or similar sales databases.


  • Subject to experience and capabilities, on target earnings in Year 1 of mid-$100’s is available, plus medical benefits, life insurance and disability, 401k with match, and other benefits including provision for a home office.
  • On-boarding includes attending our world-class Advancing Negotiation Skills and extensive Train-the-Trainer training to help you understand our methodology and process, and (after around 2 months) be able to support classroom delivery. You will receive ongoing mentoring and support from the Managing Director and our highly experienced consulting team.
  • Significant untapped growth potential is available for those who can outperform on sales and delivery goals.

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