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Published: Apr 01 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

Baseball has changed forever. For a game built on tradition and steeped in history, it’s no small feat to change its very face, but over the course of four weeks during the off season, that’s exactly what happened. Many heard about the changes, but few may actually appreciate the precedent that was set and what will arguably reverberate throughout the game this season and beyond. Precedent itself can be the greatest agent of change within organizations, including MLB.

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Published: Mar 25 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

Before the first game started I felt like my bracket was already busted! That’s how I feel every year before March Madness begins… someone talks me into a pool, I put down my money, I submit my bracket, and before the first tip off, I’m already the laughing stock of the pool. However, this year will be different because I sought expert advice from some people that know what they are talking about and you won’t believe how eerily close it sounded to our expert negotiation advice.

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Published: Mar 11 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

In recognition of International Women’s Day 2019, we’d like nothing more than to claim that we’re doing something special to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, we can’t make that claim. At Scotwork, IWD is like every other day: We’re continuing our ongoing, unrelenting mission to strike a balance in the boardroom. And we’re doing it the way we always have — as a global company working across industries and organizational levels, applying our proven negotiation methods to everyone, regardless of location, occupation . . . or gender. Allocating 365 days a year to this central mission, our negotiation consultants have become experts in the ways of power balance. With that in mind, we asked some of them — all women from different walks of life — to discuss their proven tips and techniques for tapping into personal power and, better yet, harnessing it to help create workplaces of genuine equality. In other words, #BalanceforBetter.

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Conquering the Wage Gap

April 12 marks Equal Pay Day, a time of the year when women in the workforce should set their sights on obtaining, by December 31, the same annual salary as their male counterparts. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it might seem. According to ACS census data, for every dollar a man earns, a woman earns just 80 cents. Why might this be so? A study conducted by the Levo Institute reveals that 63% of women are uncomfortable negotiating their salary; in fact, 58% of the same group would rather not negotiate on their own for fear of being perceived as “too authoritarian” or “too aggressive.”

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