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Published: Aug 27 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

If the fact wasn’t that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his novella in 1886, I would swear Jekyll and Hyde was based on one of my most infuriating AND beloved clients. In private, my client was a sweetheart of a guy. Easy going, funny, and compassionate. The kind of client everybody wished they had. But whenever his boss, or peers, or subordinates were present he became a nightmare client. He was a hardass, no sense of humor, and unforgiving. Surviving him wasn’t going to be easy and leaving him was not an option.

Published: Feb 26 , 2015
Author: Yannis Dimarakis

Most of you have followed (to some extent at least) the negotiations between the recently elected Greek government and its European partners. Depending on his or her political persuasion, an observer may feel in a number of ways regarding the outcome...

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Whether you’re a parent or not, I’m sure you’ve been listening to the great debate on how to reopen schools. Many colleges and universities have announced plans to offer most classes online this fall, with a limited number of students on campus. My daughters’ schools are offering options from blended learning (two hours a day on campus with the rest at home) to complete distance learning. As with everything during the “new normal,” those plans continue to change and evolve, leaving many families struggling to plan. This situation is analogous to how we’re trying to prepare within our businesses as we deal with the ramifications of COVID-19. No matter the struggle and uncertainty, there’s a way to plan to help you through almost any situation.

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