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Published: Aug 27 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

If the fact wasn’t that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his novella in 1886, I would swear Jekyll and Hyde was based on one of my most infuriating AND beloved clients. In private, my client was a sweetheart of a guy. Easy going, funny, and compassionate. The kind of client everybody wished they had. But whenever his boss, or peers, or subordinates were present he became a nightmare client. He was a hardass, no sense of humor, and unforgiving. Surviving him wasn’t going to be easy and leaving him was not an option.

Published: Feb 26 , 2015
Author: Yannis Dimarakis

Most of you have followed (to some extent at least) the negotiations between the recently elected Greek government and its European partners. Depending on his or her political persuasion, an observer may feel in a number of ways regarding the outcome...

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Good Deal?

“Is it a good deal?” That was the question put forth by the CEO to the executive team. Sales liked the deal because it secured a new customer. Finance wasn’t thrilled by it because the margins were slim. Operations wasn’t happy with it because the delivery timelines were too narrow. Legal was happy because all of the contract’s terms were favorable. After working on this deal for six months, the CEO couldn’t believe that no one could answer her question. She knew this had to change.

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