Beginner or seasoned strategic negotiator, our negotiation courses make you more skilled and confident, both inside and outside the negotiating room. Experience immersive and interactive negotiating skills training from experts in buying and selling. Share our knowledge of negotiation in areas such as industrial relations, procurement, retail, marketing and sales. Develop practical skills that give you immediate negotiating edge and your business a commercial upper-hand. Choose a Scotwork negotiation course and be more successful.

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Whatever your starting point, this negotiation course will raise your game to a whole new skill level. Experience the cut and thrust of negotiation in live case-plays. Learn the critical dos and don’ts. Walk away with ready-to-use techniques and tools. Become a fearless negotiator from day one.

"A humbling, necessary & invaluable experience that I would recommend to all who wish to improve their capability to negotiate.”

Michael Anderson
Business Evaluation and Economics - BHP Billiton

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Annabel Shorter - Senior Consultant at Scotwork


Sign up for a Scotwork open negotiation course and become a stronger deal-maker. Join our expert tutors and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Get a taste of real-world negotiation in live, interactive workshops.

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Don't Forget the String!

I still recall the scene vividly. August 2007, hazy weather in Tiananmen Square Beijing. A wise-looking Chinese man selling kites, fluttering gently in the breeze above his head. And me, a professional negotiator, determined to practice my deal-making “street skills” on foreign soil. And then three minutes later, me walking away with a kite for each of my daughters, with a big grin on my face after having my ass handed to me. I was reminded of three important lessons that day…

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