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CEO Brian Buck contributes to VOX Media's "Better You" series

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Consultant Randy Kutz is interviewed by host Paul Watts of "Sales Reinvented"

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Consultant Millie Davis is interviewed by Women Leaders in Pharma

Listen to the Podcast "Negotiating for You" (Ep. 21) 

CEO Brian Buck contributes to an expert business council article

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Consultant Jill Campen co-wrote this article about negotiating a better salary

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Consultant Jill Campen contributes to this article about handling unclear emails

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Senior Vice President Sandy Sbarra wrote this article about negotiating with ad agencies

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CEO Brian Buck contributes to this article about managing sneaky negotiators

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CEO Brian Buck contributes to this article about C-level strategy negotiations

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Senior Vice President Rich Waldrop wrote this article about supporting your position with cost analysis

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CEO Brian Buck wrote this article about when you should use negotiate

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CEO Brian Buck wrote this article about managing precedents

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CEO Brian Buck wrote this article with tips for virtual negotiating

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CEO Brian Buck appears in this video podcast about negotiating virtually

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Consultant Ananda Laberge wrote this article about controlling your emotions during negotiations

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