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Where There’s a Need, There’s a Negotiation

Brian Buck Jan 23 , 2023

As the fog of the holidays dissipates, my schedule has become nutty. Busy professionals tend to juggle personal appointments to accommodate professional ones, and I’m no different. Doctor’s appointments, dental checkups, haircuts, etc., get moved around accordingly. Recently, I was unsuccessful at.....

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Hit the Reset

Brian Buck Jan 16 , 2023

I love the New Year because it gives us an excuse to hit the reset button and start anew. Technically, we could hit that button at any time, but there’s something about the changing of the year that makes it right for a reset. There seems to be a big reset underway in terms of how leaders are.....

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Welcome to 2023

Brian Buck Jan 09 , 2023

Welcome to 2023! Quite frankly, I feel like I’m still getting used to 2022. But as with so many things in life, I can’t stop the calendar from changing, so I might as well lean into it. Care to join me?.....

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There’s a Grinch UC

Brian Buck Dec 05 , 2022

It seems the Grinch has come to spoil the holidays for faculty and students alike at University of California campuses. A strike by 48,000 academic workers from every campus is approaching its fourth week. The workers have walked out, demanding higher wages and increased child care benefits. As I.....

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