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Surviving the Toughest Work Negotiations

Brian Buck Jul 22 , 2024

When we ask people about their negotiation issues, almost everyone tells us that their toughest negotiations are with the people they work with. Mastering internal negotiations is essential for achieving professional goals and fostering a collaborative work environment......

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Power Shifts

Brian Buck Jul 15 , 2024

Power is fluid. It depends on the ability of those holding it to wield it and use it to their advantage. Knowing how to use your power is a negotiation skill that can help anyone enhance their outcome in a negotiation. However, recognizing a shift in power is not always easy......

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Negotiate With Purpose

Brian Buck Jul 01 , 2024

We study trillions of dollars of negotiated commerce a year, and whenever we ask negotiators if they can identify the long-term value of what they negotiated, only 23% say they can. That seems nearly impossible! But when you negotiate without purpose, that’s exactly what can happen......

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Vacation Desperation? Use Negotiation.

Millie Davis Jun 24 , 2024

Have you ever had a travel situation that didn’t go according to plan? Yeah, me too. In the past year, an airline that will go unnamed lost my bags. Here's how negotiation serves in this situation.....

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