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What Is Value?

Brian Buck Dec 04 , 2023

“They seem to value this differently than we do.” In a contentious negotiation, my client had the epiphany that their team and the other side valued their potential deal in completely different ways. When the other side didn’t seem as enthusiastic and lacked the same sense of urgency, it became.....

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A Grateful Perspective

Brian Buck Nov 20 , 2023

On my desk there’s a small note containing three daily reminders that help me maintain perspective on the world and the people in it. I’m grateful for these, so I thought I’d share them with you ahead of your Thanksgiving. And since these posts are about negotiation, I’ll also relate them back to.....

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Suspiciously Round Numbers

Brian Buck Nov 13 , 2023

Signals come in a variety of forms, one of which is round numbers. Anyone who has worked a spreadsheet to analyze costs or prices knows that the answer is rarely a round number. When we hear round numbers in a negotiation, they usually signal that the number may not be exact, and there could be some.....

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Relationships at Risk

Brian Buck Nov 06 , 2023

I was talking to a friend who’s beside himself about an interpersonal issue he’s having at work. He’s losing sleep and it’s created a lot of tension and disruption in his personal life. He’s not alone: Studies show that, aside from workload, interpersonal relationships are the biggest cause of.....

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