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Silence Is Golden

Brian Buck Mar 27 , 2023

I have several friends who’ve done silent retreats. They find them amazingly restorative and centering. I’ve noticed that they’ve never asked me to join them. Why? They know that silence isn’t my thing. I tend to be expressive (sometimes to a fault), and I like filling silence with sound. There is,.....

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The Luck of the Deal

Brian Buck Mar 20 , 2023

It’s March 17, which can only mean one thing: happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not Irish, but my last name is Buck. The almighty buck is green, and green is the color of the Irish. Therefore, today I have the luck of the Irish! As I considered the many Irish traditions we celebrate, I thought about what.....

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Know When to Negotiate

Brian Buck Mar 13 , 2023

One thing I was taught early in my career is that everything is negotiable. That’s just not true! I wasted a lot of time trying to negotiate things that can’t be negotiated, and I missed opportunities to negotiate things that could. I wish I’d gotten better advice. Here’s what I’ve learned........

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The Toughest Negotiation of All

Brian Buck Mar 06 , 2023

What’s the toughest negotiation of them all? The majority of our clients tell us it’s the internal negotiations they do with the people they work with on a daily basis. They say this is because the complexity of internal politics influences the behavior of all involved, leading to unproductive and.....

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