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Getting Ready for the Mayhem!

Brian Buck Mar 04 , 2024

On Saint Patrick’s Day, while we’re being Irish for one day, the NCAA will select teams for the tournament affectionately called March Madness. It’s a perfect description because anything can happen. Anything can happen when we sit down at the negotiating table, and we need to be ready to deal with.....

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Making Good Relationships Great

Brian Buck Feb 26 , 2024

For the past month, I’ve been blasted by rom-coms: two people meet, sparks fly, someone does something dumb, and after some complications, they find happily-ever-after with an upbeat song. The thing that usually drives them apart? Breaking trust. Maintaining trust can make a good relationship great......

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Damaged Goods: A Relationship Gone Bad

Brian Buck Feb 19 , 2024

Part Three in our Strengthening Relationships series. We were excited to have won the RFP, till we started to negotiate the final contract. Excitement turned to anger and collaboration became competition. It was a maddening situation, and it left me wondering, “Do I even want this business?” .....

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What Makes Partnerships Work?

Simon Carkeek Feb 12 , 2024

Part Two in our Strengthening Relationships series. Partnerships are about alignment toward common goals. They are also about understanding that the parties value things differently. What negotiation techniques that can strengthen partnerships and create value? Here are three ways to.....

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