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Vacation Desperation? Use Negotiation.

Millie Davis Jun 24 , 2024

Have you ever had a travel situation that didn’t go according to plan? Yeah, me too. In the past year, an airline that will go unnamed lost my bags. Here's how negotiation serves in this situation.....

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A Square Deal

Brian Buck Jun 10 , 2024

The United States has wrestled with significant challenges: divisiveness, states restricting rights and voting laws, big businesses gaining more power... I should mention that I’m talking about the US at the turn of the 20th century — 1901, to be precise, when Theodore Roosevelt was about to become.....

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Negotiation Is Misunderstood

Brian Buck Jun 03 , 2024

I recently delivered a keynote speech on “How to increase the value of your deals.” There was a lot of buzz at the meet and greet prior to the event about negotiation. As I mingled and people asked me questions about what I do, I quickly realized just how misunderstood negotiation is......

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What’s Your Negotiation PR Strategy?

Brian Buck May 28 , 2024

Ever since cave paintings, there’s been publicity. It’s proven effective for everything from Greek philosophers who taught the art of persuasion through rhetoric to modern-day social media influencers scheming to get us to buy their sponsors’ products. Have you ever thought about how to use.....

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