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Are You Hurt or Injured?

Brian Buck Oct 03 , 2022

Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine who’s a former NHL player. I was commenting on players’ toughness, how they play when they’re hurt, when he said, “The question is always, ‘Are you hurt or are you injured?’” I had never drawn that distinction. The idea is that if you’re hurt, you can.....

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You Can’t Negotiate with Stupid!

Brian Buck Sep 26 , 2022

During a recent consult I had with a client, my contact shared a frustrating situation he’d been working through. After he related the particulars, I asked him what he’d learned from the experience. “You can’t negotiate with stupid!” he said. I chuckled because I completely understood what he meant......

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Brian Buck Sep 19 , 2022

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has given us a glimpse into the monarchy of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations that we haven’t had in 70 years. During this extraordinary time of mourning and transition, the course of action has somehow felt routine, as if it’s something that happens all.....

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Don’t Apologize

Brian Buck Sep 12 , 2022

Recently, we worked with a client who was struggling because a customer wanted to back out of a contract. The contract clearly outlined the implications of the customer doing so. Both parties agreed to the cancellation terms, but when it came time to enforce them, our client was reluctant to do so......

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