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From the Front Lines

Published: Sep 25 , 2017
Author: Jerry Langlois

Houston Strong and rebuilding! Living through this difficult time has opened my eyes to a whole new level of humanity.  Simple, basic needs became the basis of all communication and focus and nothing else mattered while all efforts turned to reaching out and rescuing those in need. It was incredible to see my kids play a large part in the process of volunteering while using mostly technology, their iPhones and social media, to connect people who had boats to stranded home-bound families.

When Harvey backed out into the Gulf and made landfall a second time in Port Arthur, my girls asked me to help find a new staging area nearby for the amazing Cajun Navy. I jumped on the internet and found myself instantly negotiating with churches, concert halls and venues and anyone that could help. After securing a venue, I reached out to several local fast food chains and the Manager at Chick-fil-A was willing to start delivering meals to the volunteers as needed. It was absolutely amazing I have to admit…

Most interestingly throughout this entire experience, I realized my years of experience in negotiation training were being used in ways I never imagined.

In this emergency, I knew my communication had to be specific and direct. I had little, precious time to get my point across, so my objective in each situation was crystal clear.  I was successful in communicating what I wanted and needed, clearly and effectively and there was no time wasted dancing around the issues or intent.

I am grateful that I could utilize what I’ve learned from my Scotwork Negotiation Skills training to help those in need during this time.

This fall, we are hosting Advancing Negotiation Skills November 27-30 in Westin Houston, Memorial City. If you are interested in learning how to grow and enhance your skills in negotiations exponentially, please join us.  For every participant who attends/joins, Scotwork will donate $500 to the efforts of Hurricane Harvey and Irma Disaster Relief. Call us now.

Thank you.


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