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Toughest Negotiations

Brian Buck
230529 Master The Toughest Negotiations
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We asked our Scotwork community of nearly 40K people, “What’s the toughest negotiation situation you’re facing right now?” The response was overwhelming and, suffice it to say, there are a lot of tough negotiations underway.

We curated the responses, choosing some that we thought would be the most useful to our audience of leaders and frontline negotiators. The resulting webinar, Master the Toughest Negotiations, provided insightful, practical, and very helpful information from our panel of seasoned negotiation experts.

At the table, we had Jill Campen, Gaëtan Pellerin, and Millie Davis with me as your moderator. Here’s how it worked: We shared an issue that was submitted, and the panelists discussed how we would approach the negotiation. Many audience members also chimed in regarding how they would resolve the issue. Other audience members submitted new situations for us to consider.

Regardless of which industries the issues came from, they’re all relevant to many different business sectors — and from both sides of the negotiating table. The following topics were covered in the webinar. Is your toughest issue included here?

 - How do you deal with single-source suppliers?

 - What do you do when your data isn’t enough to persuade the other side?

 - [From sales] What do you do when you’ve worked a deal with a stakeholder, and then they pass you to procurement with little context?

 - [From procurement] What do you do when your internal stakeholder has already worked a deal with a vendor, and they expect you to get a better price?

 - How do you go about raising prices during the course of your contract or at contract renewal?

 - What do you do when the other side is using market volatility to force price increases?

 - How do you deal with difficult people or bullies?

 - For internal negotiations, how do you manage relationships while having to negotiate with colleagues?

 - The roundtable gave lots of practical tips and advice to address each of the above.

At Scotwork, we’re in an enviable position in that this is all we do: We’re obsessed with negotiation. So we spend all of our time discussing, analyzing, and dealing with the most complex issues our clients have. And we love it!

If you weren’t able to join the webinar, you can view it here.  

If you would like to learn more about how we can bring that same advice to you in your deals, click here.

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar! Be on the lookout for future webinars around the toughest negotiations.

We Can Help You Address Your Toughest Negotiation Issues.
How does your team deal with single-source suppliers? What do they do when their data isn’t enough to persuade the other side? Do they struggle to manage difficult people or bullies at the negotiating table? We can help! Draw on Scotwork’s nearly 50 years of real-world negotiating experience to get better deals, save time, and create value that preserves and strengthens relationships. Partner with one of our advisers to ensure you have the optimum view of your deal.

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