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Published: Oct 04 , 2021
Author: Simon Carkeek

The recent collapse in Franco-Australian relations following the new Aukus security pact got me thinking about how an erosion of trust can sour once amicable relationships. When France and Australia are back at the negotiating table, how is that likely to play out? Not well, I’d venture. People have long memories — betray their trust and you may lose them completely. At the very least, you’ll spend an unnecessary amount of time and effort winning them back.

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Published: Sep 21 , 2020
Author: Brian Buck

The worst piece of advice ever given to a negotiator? Don’t share any information. At some point in our development as negotiators, we’ve all heard things like, “Those who speak first, lose” or “Hold your cards close to your vest.” Not sharing information, or sharing only limited information, is one of the most destructive strategies that could be implemented at the negotiating table.

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Published: Apr 29 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

Here’s one of the most common questions asked of buyers: “What’s your budget?” The most common answer? You guessed it: “I’m not going to tell you.” I get why this happens. Buyers are afraid that if they share their budget, then the seller’s quote will be exactly that number. We see it happen all the time, so I understand the fear. However, the alternative to not sharing the budget is that the bid process gets elongated, sellers get frustrated, and buyers don’t get what they want. Ironically, buyers eventually do share their budget, which is when deals typically get done. So, why go through all the pain? You don’t have to! Here are some different ways to answer that question.

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Published: Jun 11 , 2018
Author: Richard Waldrop

“What do you mean I can’t negotiate it for you?” My wife decided she wanted a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. She had picked out a specific make and model with “all the options”. As a negotiation professional, I was eager to help negotiate the deal but she told me to stay out of the process. Apparently my reputation preceded me! So I watched and waited to see how this unfolded.

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We’re a Halloween family. Love it! We decorate, we dress up, we get the biggest candy bars to hand out — the whole bit. Halloween is the Buck family’s jam. And every Halloween, kids (and some adults) flock to our front door armed with their canned question: “trick or treat?” Without fail, we respond with candy bars. Everyone smiles, most say, “Thank you,” and off they go into the night. That’s how it’s always gone . . . until last year, when we met an unusual trick-or-treater.

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