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Don’t Get Angry — Get Value

John Leehman Sep 18 , 2023

On a recent trip to British Columbia, I booked a suite to enjoy the best view of the city for me and my clients. Upon arrival, I learned the elevator was malfunctioning and, due to a Canadian holiday, no repairs could be expected until after checkout. When you have a legitimate complaint, you need.....

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Mastering Contract Renewals

Brian Buck Sep 11 , 2023

Contract renewals are on many negotiators’ priority lists at this time of year. These negotiations have a lot riding on them and can be stressful. To help ease the pressure, we brought together a roundtable of Scotwork procurement and sales negotiation experts to discuss the contract renewal.....

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Stop Laboring

Brian Buck Sep 05 , 2023

With Labor Day behind us, and our white clothes tucked away for another summer, it might also be time to stop laboring so much over your negotiations and achieve your objectives efficiently. I won’t belabor (pun intended) this point, but failing to prepare, as the adage goes, is preparing to fail. .....

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Back-to-School Time . . . for Negotiators Too!

Randy Kutz Aug 21 , 2023

The opportunity to continue learning is always before us. As sure as the sun sets today on the deals at your negotiating table, it will rise again tomorrow on new ones. What can you learn from today that you can bring to the table tomorrow? Here are some things to consider that could help you grow.....

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