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Published: Feb 17 , 2020
Author: Richard Waldrop

To be honest, I consider myself only an occasional sailor and fisherman. But I really like being around boats and the water, and I’ve been sailing for over 40 years. In fact, it runs in my family. The Waldrops built a sailboat marina in Jordan Creek, North Carolina back in 1974. And when I say “built,” I mean we physically built it — my father, my brother, and me. We cut the trees, we skinned the trees, we treated the poles, we built the pile driver, and we drove the piles. So, yes, that marina means a great deal to me.

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Published: Mar 18 , 2019
Author: Millie Davis

Do you ever have that sense of panic when wondering if you thought of everything, or did you forget something? I feel this way every time I leave for the airport which is sad since I leave for the airport often. I also feel the same panic when I am finishing a negotiation, especially a complex one. And this was a complex negotiation that had a lot going on. There were a lot of details around the terms and conditions, payment terms, pricing, delivery dates, etc. Throughout the process I was maintaining a list of everything we needed to cover; as I always do. It’s when I got to the last item on the list, I realized I forgot one very important thing…

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A Proposal You Can’t Refuse

Like many of you, I’ve watched a lot of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. I keep waiting for Netflix to notify me, “There are no more suggestions for you!” Recently, I went back and watched the Godfather series. The line, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” always piques my interest. We later learn that the offer was more of a threat than a credible proposal. Then again, there probably wasn’t much of a negotiation either. However, it got me to thinking about the other kinds of proposals we receive that tend to stifle negotiations.

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