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Published: Apr 01 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

Baseball has changed forever. For a game built on tradition and steeped in history, it’s no small feat to change its very face, but over the course of four weeks during the off season, that’s exactly what happened. Many heard about the changes, but few may actually appreciate the precedent that was set and what will arguably reverberate throughout the game this season and beyond. Precedent itself can be the greatest agent of change within organizations, including MLB.

Published: Jan 29 , 2015
Author: Robin Copland

Well, the Greeks have finally gone and done it. At the weekend, they kicked out the conservative New Democracy party – the dominant force in the coalition led by the outgoing prime minister Antonis Samaras and instead voted in Alexis Tsipras’s radical left Syriza party. The rest of Europe has looked on askance; Greece has muscled her way onto the front pages of just about every serious newspaper in Europe; bankers and leaders Europe-wide have been keeping the Andrex puppy busy ever since the news came out.

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Negotiating With Kids

Father’s Day signifies it’s summertime! That means days at the beach, backyard BBQs, relaxing in the pool, and enjoying time with friends and family. It also means that my two teenage daughters will test every ounce of negotiating skill that I have. From conversations around driving them places or staying out late to dying their hair or buying things, there’s no shortage of asks this time of year. Throughout, I’ve tried to follow some simple guiding principles that have helped me keep the peace, my sanity, and all of us in each other’s good graces.

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