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Published: Apr 22 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

“Fish or cut bait?” That was the last question my then girlfriend asked me as she walked out of the bar. She had brought me there to discuss our future. We had been dating for a while, but it wasn’t really clear where our relationship was going. I have to admit, I was taken aback by what my friends call “the talk.” She wanted to know about my intentions. We were having a lot of fun, she pointed out, but if this wasn’t heading toward something more serious, she added, “what’s the point?”

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Published: Nov 05 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

I recently had a client seeking some advice on combating a price increase. He was dealing with a supplier who was raising his rates for their next contract. The justification was that the cost of materials as well as delivery & installation costs were increasing and therefore they had to pass the price along to him. Here’s what I advised him to do…

Scotwork_Comic_2018_10_15 Mirror Mirror.jpg

Published: Oct 15 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

As the Evil Queen stares at the mirror waiting for the response she so desperately wants to hear, she is greeted instead with what needed to be said, for she is not the fairest of all. By contrast, the heroine, Snow White does not see her own beauty and kindness and stays hidden in the forest for fear of the Evil Queen. I see many negotiators who behave like the Evil Queen or behave like Snow White - which are you?

Scotwork_Comic_2018_10_01 Hallucinating.jpg

Published: Oct 01 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

In a recent TED Talk from Anil Seth describing how our brain constructs reality, he made an interesting statement, “If hallucination is a kind of uncontrolled perception, then perception right here and right now is also a kind of hallucination… In fact, we're all hallucinating all the time, including right now. It's just that when we agree about our hallucinations, we call that reality.” After I chuckled at my perceived hallucination called reality, it reminded me of the one hallucination that every negotiator suffers from…

Scotwork_Comic_2018_06_04 Borrow The Car.jpg

Published: Jun 04 , 2018
Author: Ananda Laberge

“Mom! Why can’t I have the keys to the truck?!” My 16 year was a little exasperated with me when I told her she couldn’t drive our new truck while her car was in the shop. Instead of storming off when I said “no” or just letting me drive her, my independent teenager went into high gear and surprised me with what she did next…


Published: Nov 16 , 2017
Author: Sebastian Bacewicz

This blog is a tribute to Orri Vigfússon, founder and Chairman of North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), who sadly passed away in July. A champion and defender of the ‘King of Fish’, Orri was a visionary and selfless hero who dedicated his life and considerable…


Published: Aug 17 , 2017
Author: Robin Copland

Something interesting happened at the Athletics World Championships last week. Well, actually and to be fair, lots of interesting things happened. Mo Farah kept up his astonishing record by winning the Gold Medal in the 10000 meters. Sadly for him, he had to make do with a Silver in the 5000 meters race. Time finally caught up with Usain Bolt as he could only manage a Bronze Medal in the 100 meters and injury in the 4 x 100 meters relay during his last race. Justin Gatlin, who has been banned not once, but twice for using performance-enhancing drugs, won the 100 meter Gold Medal. 30 athletes and support staff fell victim to a suspected outbreak of norovirus...

Published: Apr 16 , 2015
Author: Alan Smith

Questions, questions everywhere, and not an answer in sight. Asking good questions is productive, positive, creative, and can help get us what we want. Most people believe this to be true and yet often people do not ask enough questions. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that effective questioning requires to be combined with effective listening.

Published: Oct 31 , 2013
Author: Mike Freedman

Like most sales people I talk about value first and price last. This week was no exception. My prospective client was considering courses for the company’s purchasing managers. The meeting was going very well, and when the quotation was requested I announced the total price for our three-day negotiating skills course upon which my much-interested prospective client asked…"is that the cost per day?"

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I can’t wait for the New Year to tell you all about a personal negotiation I was just in that sent my blood boiling! The deal isn’t completely done yet, so I don’t want to jinx it. (In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not superstitious — that would be bad luck.) However, in this deal, something happened that triggered an immediate and angry response. I bring it up because even as a highly trained and experienced negotiator, my emotion was getting the better of me. That is, until I did the following . . .

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