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Published: Jan 06 , 2020
Author: Brian Buck

Welcome to 2020! It’s Scotwork’s 20th anniversary here in North America. While Scotwork has been a global presence for 45 years, we launched operations here in the US/Canada in 2000. During that time, our skilled negotiators and consultants have helped thousands of dealmakers to not only improve their deals, but also strengthen relationships and create more value for all involved. As such, we want to start off your year of dealmaking right, with 5 things you need to do to make every deal better.

2019_09_09 Blinded.jpg

Published: Sep 09 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

There I was, feeling pretty damn good about myself. And why not? As far as I could tell, I’d just nailed the sales pitch. After all, I was able to answer all of the client’s questions on the fly. I felt that our solution would more than address all of their needs. And the client was highly engaged throughout the conversation. Or so I thought . . . until I debriefed with my team . . .

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Published: Feb 25 , 2019
Author: Brian Buck

I’m not sure how it started but at the end of every movie my family stays to watch the credits. Did you know that big Hollywood blockbusters will have between 2,000 - 3,000 people working on the film? But yet, when we think of those films we tend to only focus on the lead actors or maybe a scene stealing supporting actor. There’s no way a movie is a success without the team of people that helped put it together. That’s the same for most endeavors, particularly in business. Rarely is success a solo endeavor. However, I’m amazed at how many people don’t take this team approach to their negotiations. Who would you have on your negotiation team?

Published: Nov 03 , 2016
Author: Robin Copland

Complicated negotiations often involve different meetings, different personnel, different issues and, in the case of the upcoming Brexit negotiations, different countries! The key word in this kind of negotiation is alignment and that involves a number of different factors and considerations. We can learn from the insect world; think bees! Perhaps first and foremost, there needs to be a central “go-to” point where all the information and meeting notes are collated and stored. It is vital to have a central hive of information that teams preparing for a new round of negotiation can reference. The old phrase, “singing off the same hymn sheet” has a certain resonance in this regard. The workers need a point of reference.

Published: Jul 02 , 2015
Author: Alan Smith

It used to be that people had so much time on their hands that they were forever looking for things to do to fill it. When I talk about wrestling with an octopus I am talking literally, not making an oblique negotiating reference about dealing with slippery salesmen or procurement slight of (many) hands...

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