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Analysis Paralysis and What to Do About It

Brian Buck Aug 08 , 2022

During the last week of July, we saw an overwhelming confluence of economic data, earnings reports, Federal Reserve announcements, and spending deals move through Congress. It was dizzying — in particular, for those attempting to figure out where the economy is headed and what to do about it......

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Leaders: Optimize Team Performance

Brian Buck Aug 01 , 2022

When market conditions fluctuate, one of the hardest things to do is to optimize team performance. That’s because when the market is in turmoil, so typically are internal mechanisms. As such, leaders tend to lean on their systems and processes to create control and conformity in order to manage the.....

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Navigating 2022’s Perfect Negotiation Storm

Gaëtan Pellerin Jul 18 , 2022

A couple of weeks ago, as we flew back home from a vacation, I saw a movie about mountain climbers caught in a sudden storm. The movie helped me reflect on how, without advance notice, you can find yourself in a negotiation storm. You can make it through, or it can break you or your relationship......

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Hot Property

Simon Carkeek Jul 11 , 2022

The 2021 housing market was the most lucrative — and competitive — in US history. My town is a prime example, with properties selling through blind bids and regularly going for 25% to 30% over asking price. Few purchases in life are more emotional than the place you will be calling home. As such,.....

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