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2021_07_26 Trade Deadline.jpg

Published: Jul 26 , 2021
Author: Brian Buck

As a negotiator, whenever the MLB trade deadline approaches, I pay attention! After all, negotiation is all about trading — giving something of lesser value in return for something of greater value. During trading season, general managers from all over baseball are looking to better their teams by doing just that. For some, it’s about winning this season; for others, it’s about winning in a future season. Regardless, the trade deadline forces ball clubs to make decisions about the direction in which they’re headed. I often wonder if having a trade deadline would help in our everyday negotiations?

2019_11_04 Eviction.jpg

Published: Nov 04 , 2019
Author: Randy Kutz

New York City real estate has always been a land of extremes. Recently, a penthouse apartment with five floors listed for $98M, currently the highest priced residential condo for sale in the city. The Big Apple also holds the record for the highest priced sold home in the country, which closed earlier this year at $238M, more than two times the previous record (also, not surprisingly, in NYC). The city also holds the record for the most expensive eviction ever, at $17M — and the story behind it is amazing.


Published: Dec 06 , 2018
Author: Alan Smith

Despite Facebook telling me I’m a genius because I know what “fastidious” means (it also told me I’m a dead ringer for Justin Timberlake, much to my kids’ amusement), I absolutely recognize my limitations.

Scotwork_Comic_2018_08_13 Taking Too Long.jpg

Published: Aug 13 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

It’s 3AM and you’re lying awake in anticipation that today might be the day that your deal will close. The only problem is you’ve had this sleepless night before. This deal was suppose to close on numerous occasions but it seems to keep dragging on or getting postponed. The other party is either busy, or new priorities pop up, or they’re out of the office or something. So what do you do when it seems like your negotiation is dragging on and other party is dragging their feet?

Scotwork_Comic_2018_04_23 Good Cop Bad Cop.jpg

Published: Apr 20 , 2018
Author: Brian Buck

“Do it or we walk!” threatened the fist pounding buyer. As you contemplate what to do, the level-headed buyer chimes in with, “I’d hate to see us walk. I know you guys are trying hard and I really like you, so maybe there’s something else you do?” Sound familiar? It should because it’s a negotiation technique based on the same Hollywood cliche that you see in just about every cop movie out there. It’s the old good cop, bad cop routine. It’s easy to spot, so what do you do when it happens to you?

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