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Zen Master Lessons to a Stress Free Negotiation

Over 100,000 hours of deal-making analysis has showed us the areas of greatest stress. This eBook brings together 10 things you can do to manage that stress during a negotiation - keeping you in the moment.

7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation Preparation

Stephen White - Chairman, Scotwork

Salary Negotiation Tips

Chris Mitchell - Director, Scotwork UK

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Don't Forget the String!

I still recall the scene vividly. August 2007, hazy weather in Tiananmen Square Beijing. A wise-looking Chinese man selling kites, fluttering gently in the breeze above his head. And me, a professional negotiator, determined to practice my deal-making “street skills” on foreign soil. And then three minutes later, me walking away with a kite for each of my daughters, with a big grin on my face after having my ass handed to me. I was reminded of three important lessons that day…

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