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Assess Your Team’s Negotiation Capability


How effectively does your organization negotiate today? Is your team on par with your industry’s benchmarks or best practices? Understand where to start developing your team.

Are you ready to start developing a winning team?

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Negotiation Capability Survey

Online Survey

Collect detailed negotiation-related data from across your business. The results inform a detailed diagnostic report to help you understand where your team is today and map a development path to success.

Expert Assessment

A Scotwork Negotiation Expert will analyze the data to identify strengths to leverage, weaknesses to mitigate, and critical areas for leaders to monitor and address.

Shape Your Winning Strategy

See where your team outstrips your rivals and where they need to catch up. Understand the skills development and strategies your team needs to become more competitive players.

You are at the ASSESS stage in the Skills Development Process.

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Assess - Train - Coach

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email info@scotworkusa.com call 973.428.1991

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