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Negotiation Process & Systems

Organizations are built around systems and processes. However, few organizations have a clearly defined negotiation process that helps negotiators to achieve their goals outside of telling them to “get it done.”





Do you have a documented process your team members use to prepare for negotiations?

If you ask your team how they prepare and you get more than one answer, you need a documented preparation process. A documented process helps leaders ensure that their team is organized and ready for their upcoming negotiations. Lack of preparation documentation nearly guarantees your team won’t be ready for your most critical deals.

Is it a nightmare when you have to put a deal back on track?

By sharing a defined system with dealmakers, leaders are able to efficiently correct faltering negotiations. Scotwork will document your organization’s system, including the preparation process, negotiation strategies, and resolutions for frequent issues. Additionally, the documentation helps with onboarding new team members and provides guidance for your veteran negotiators.

Are your negotiating best practices integrated into your systems?

Scotwork’s 8-Step Approach™ is compatible with all sales and procurement systems. We can help you drive adoption and consistent use of your negotiation processes by seamlessly integrating our approach into your enablement systems.

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Negotiation Process & Systems

Define and document your organization's negotiations to align your team and gain visibility into your deal pipeline.

Negotiation Skills Training

We can make anyone a better negotiator. Learn how Scotwork trains negotiators to succeed consistently.

Deal Consulting

Expert support at throughout a deal is a game changer. See how Scotwork partners with your team.

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