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Have you been in the middle of a deal that’s gone sideways? Have you seen your team put in every effort to negotiate good deals, only to get crushed by the opposition? These problems are stressful — and they repeat themselves when you have a suboptimal Dealmaking Ecosystem™. We can help! Drawing on nearly 50 years of real-world negotiating experience, we’ll ensure that your negotiators are equipped to handle a variety of situations effectively, that their critical deals have the necessary resources and support, and that leadership has the ability to drive consistency and efficiency across their dealmaking organizations. Let’s partner you with one of our experts, so that you can start making better deals faster, while maintaining or strengthening relationships with the other party.


It all started in 1975 with a mission to understand the mechanics of negotiation. Months of ground-breaking observational research revealed processes common to every negotiation - "The 8 Steps". We identified techniques that brought success time after time. From this we devised a unique coaching framework to pass our insights onto others. The Scotwork negotiation course was born.


Transforming the Way the World Negotiates

Operating in 104 countries and 25 languages, Scotwork is the world’s leading negotiation consulting firm. We help our clients gain more valuable deals, resolve conflicts faster, strengthen relationships, and create a dealmaking culture that produces consistent results. We do this through our proven approach to negotiation consulting, advising, and skills development. Transform your dealmaking and work with the firm that's specialized in doing just that for 45 years.


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Leaders: Is It Time to Raise Prices?

There’s no denying what’s happening in the marketplace: much of China is still in lockdown, which is disrupting supply chains everywhere; sanctions against Russia are limiting oil supply in the world market; the Fed is raising rates; and the stock market is shedding value daily as both the Dow Jones and NASDAQ near 52-week lows. All of which is contributing to an inflation rate of 8.5%. It begs the question: Is it time to raise prices?

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