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Back-to-School Time . . . for Negotiators Too!

Randy Kutz
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Buses, backpacks, and bagged lunches are all signs that back-to-school season is upon us. It reminds me that learning does not stop when you have a diploma in hand. Everyone goes back to school at some point, even if it is in the classroom of life.
The opportunity to continue learning is always before us. As my colleague Sandy Sbarra likes to say, it is only waiting for the student to show up. This is especially true when we leave the negotiating table, regardless of the outcome. Whether your team holds an official post-mortem meeting, or you take time to reflect on your own performance, it is important to be intentional and identify what went well, what could have gone differently, and create action steps to learn, improve, and grow.

As sure as the sun sets today on the deals at your negotiating table, it will rise again tomorrow on new ones. What can you learn from today that you can bring to the table tomorrow?

Here are some things to consider that could help you grow as a negotiator . . .

Did you achieve your objectives? If not, why not? Did you lack information? Did you think only about getting and not giving? Did you have enough to trade? Were you flexible?

How did you spend your time at the negotiating table? Was there a good flow of information, or did you go in circles? If you had to do it over again, would you have prepared different questions? How can you listen better to the other side to understand their issues?

Did you get the deal you hoped for? If not, what did you learn about what the other side needed? Are there new opportunities that you can pursue? Are there other stakeholders who you can approach later?

Considering these questions can help you achieve your objectives in your next deal because you continue to sharpen your skills and hone the craft of negotiation. Sending yourself to school with a post-deal review makes you a better negotiator with every deal you make.


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