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2021_10_18 Inside Voice.jpg

Published: Oct 18 , 2021
Author: Randy Kutz

Negotiation learning opportunities can be observed all around us. While at the grocery store the other day, I overheard a dad (with a whispering tone) remind his rambunctious toddler to use his “inside voice.” It reminded me of a particular negotiation . . .

2021_06_21 Just One More Thing.jpg

Published: Jun 21 , 2021
Author: Randy Kutz

Negotiation success is information dependent. Nobody ever leaves the negotiating table wishing they had less information. But information is also a scarce commodity among negotiators, especially truthful information.

2020_10_05 Trust Me.jpg

Published: Oct 05 , 2020
Author: Randy Kutz

It’s often been said that nice guys finish last. In the world of dealmaking, this may or may not be true. While being kind and winsome at the negotiating table can serve to build rapport, cultivate trust, and create a collaborative environment — all essential ingredients for success — these EQ traits have to be rooted in ethics.

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Trick or Treat?

We’re a Halloween family. Love it! We decorate, we dress up, we get the biggest candy bars to hand out — the whole bit. Halloween is the Buck family’s jam. And every Halloween, kids (and some adults) flock to our front door armed with their canned question: “trick or treat?” Without fail, we respond with candy bars. Everyone smiles, most say, “Thank you,” and off they go into the night. That’s how it’s always gone . . . until last year, when we met an unusual trick-or-treater.

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