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All of our courses have one thing in common: they make an impact. Whether your team members are seasoned negotiators, just starting out, or somewhere in between, Scotwork creates courses that develop practical skills to apply to your team’s very next negotiation. Experienced professionals with years of senior-level negotiating experience from fields including procurement, sales, marketing, finance, consulting, and government teach our courses. All programs are in an immersive learning environment where participants grasp complex ideas quickly and practice negotiation techniques to perfection.

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Advancing Negotiation Skills 1 (ANS1)

Start your team’s negotiation transformation journey.

Introduces the Scotwork 8-Step Approach®

Derived from hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world negotiations, professionals at every experience level in any industry discover the Approach expands their skill sets, transforms their dealmaking, and unleashes their success.

Tremendous participant satisfaction

4.75/5.00 stars participant rating. 

99.2% would recommend Scotwork.

95.8% report their negotiation skills improved.

Immediate Results, Excellent ROI

ANS1 participants put their skills to use on their very next deals and get results. It's why our alumni report an 18.8X average ROI within 90 days.

Advancing Negotiation Skills 2 (ANS2)

Give your team an edge with the most advanced negotiation techniques.

ANS1 is a prerequisite for ANS2.

A Deeper Dive

Your team masters advanced negotiation techniques like influencing power, using persuasion effectively, strategic use of signals, and other complex topics.

Create More Value

Empower your team to maximize value in their deals, even under pressure, against resistance, and when the path to crafting a successful deal is narrow.

Your Deals, Your World

Scotwork takes the deals your team is working on to practice advanced skills; your team hones their advanced real-world techniques without real-world consequences.

Coaching Negotiation Skills (CNS)

Develop an in-house coach for your dealmakers.

ANS1 is a prerequisite for CNS.

Coach your dealmakers with confidence

Develop managers’ skills to coach dealmakers through a negotiation using the 8-Step Approach to drive better results and value from every deal.

Proven Coaching Methods

Apply our proven coaching methods and competency models to help your people achieve their objectives and become strong, confident, and successful negotiators.

Tools for Coaching Success

Evaluate competencies using Scotwork’s negotiating skill-level matrix. Discover how to provide constructive, impactful feedback backed by our comprehensive coaching guidelines. 

Foundations of Negotiation

Create a foundation for those who support dealmakers and non-negotiators.

Align Your Negotiation Culture

Eliminate bottlenecks and alignment issues between negotiators and stakeholders. Give the team members who support dealmakers the awareness and knowledge to support any negotiator.

Increase Your Whole Team’s Contribution to Deals

Team members gain skills and tools to enable your dealmakers. Your entire team is better able to support your deals when they learn how your negotiators prepare and how dealmakers use information strategically.

More Efficient Dealmaking

Your deal-support team and non-negotiators will receive access to our advanced preparation tools, the same ones that your negotiators gained access to in ANS1. Utilizing the same tools creates efficiency in your dealmaking. 


Negotiation e-learning modules for building awareness or refreshing knowledge.

Self-Paced Online Learning

A ten-module e-learning course conducted at your team’s pace. Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete, and the entire course is tied together by a storyline that reinforces negotiating learning.

On-Demand Reference Tool

The modules can be taken in any order and revisited as required, which makes them an excellent on-demand reference resource. The modules are also a great companion to the ANS1 course for anyone to refresh their knowledge. 

Manager’s Support Pack

A Manager’s Support Pack is available to enable leadership to reinforce the lessons learned by the team. 

Custom Negotiation Course Content

We can create custom content specific to the needs of your organization and team to complement Scotwork’s robust content library.

Specific To Your organization

Custom content specific to your organization can be used to augment our proven programs or to create micro-learning paths to enhance your team’s skills.

Built With Experience

Leveraging our nearly 50-years of negotiation skills training experience, our team of experts will help bring Scotwork’s immersive learning style and practical techniques to your custom negotiation content.

Retain Institutional Knowlege

Custom learning modules can help your organization retain your precious negotiation institutional knowledge. This aspect of custom learning can be even more powerful when combined with work on your negotiation systems.

You are at the TRAIN stage in the Skills Development Process.

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Assess - Train - Coach

Optimize Your Dealmaking Ecosystem™

Negotiation Skills Training

We can make anyone a better negotiator. Learn how Scotwork trains negotiators to succeed consistently.

Deal Consulting

Expert support at throughout a deal is a game changer. See how Scotwork partners with your team.

Negotiation Process & Systems

Define and document your organization's negotiations to align your team and gain visibility into your deal pipeline.

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