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Welcome to 2023

Brian Buck
230109 Happy New Year
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Dear Scotwork Friends,

Welcome to 2023! Quite frankly, I feel like I’m still getting used to 2022. But as with so many things in life, I can’t stop the calendar from changing, so I might as well lean into it. Care to join me?

During the holidays, I take time to think about the year that’s ending and the one to come. Mostly, I reflect on the things that worked and the things that didn’t. Then I try to predict what might happen next. I don’t want to bore you with analysis of last year’s predictions (although I’m happy to send it to you, if you’d like), so I’ll just jump into what I think 2023 will be about.

Economy dominates. First and foremost, the economy will continue to dominate the headlines. All eyes will be watching out for the “soft landing” the Fed is trying to pull off. Many pundits and amateurs will give us their take on what’s happening, which will likely lead to more confusion rather than clarity. Unfortunately, states of confusion create states of uncertainty. I predict that we’ll have some uncertainty through the middle of the year, after which clarity will bring a greater sense of stability — financially speaking, that is.

Political divide has an impact. If the midterms were any indication of our state of politics, then welcome to the Age of the Great Divide. I’m an optimist, and I really hope that’s not where we are — or, at least, that the great divide may be narrowing a little. In the last round of elections, on the whole, the most extreme candidates lost, and those with the most polarizing views faced trouble. From a business perspective, divisive politics can have an impact on how we invest, negotiate, and run our organizations. The more divided our political environment, the less confidence we have in the future, which can create as much uncertainty as an unstable economy.

Antivirus opportunities. After three years of living with the pandemic and dealing with the flu and RSV at the end of 2022, we’ve become far more adaptable to the things that ail us. Dare I say, we’ve learned to live with it. As such, there will be opportunities to reimagine a post-pandemic world — from work environments to social events to travel. The world has changed, as has how we want to experience it. Individuals will be looking for greater flexibility and more time in real life (and less virtually and online). Businesses will strive for increased performance accountability, connectedness with their teams and customers, and innovation to stand out from the competition. It will definitely not be business as usual.

In the end, the year will be what we make of it. I firmly believe that those who choose to make things happen will always be happier than those who “wait and see.” What will you choose to do this year? My recommendation: Try something new and different. For instance, at the negotiating table, work with one of our consultants to help you get a better deal, or finally take one of our courses to become a better negotiator, or allow us to help you define your dealmaking systems and processes, which will minimize wasted time, effort, and energy while providing leaders with visibility into the deal pipeline and supporting key objectives. It’s up to you.

The above predictions are merely indicators of what could be and should not be viewed as limitations on what you can accomplish in the months ahead. If you choose to make 2023 an amazing year, then it’ll be an amazing year.

We choose to make 2023 an amazing year. I’m excited about the future and the surprises that will come our way. I look forward to helping you with your journey through the next 12 months.

From our entire team here at Scotwork, we wish you all the best in 2023. 


Brian Buck

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